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      Consists of a symptom specific physical exam followed by a treatment including chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) and/or other manual therapies.  This service may be covered by your insurance company, but we will need to check your benefits for each individual plan.

      A whole body treatment including chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) and other manual therapies to the spine and extremities.  This service is covered by most health insurance companies, but we will need to check your benefits for each individual plan.
    • Foot Orthotics Scanning / Mapping
      3D scanning and mapping of your feet for the purpose of pronation and arch assessment to facilitate custom orthotics ordering.  There are many orthotic device options to choose from so prices vary.  However, your health insurance company may cover foot orthotics if the doctor determines they are medically necessary.  Therefore, please also schedule a new or existing patient exam.  Additional research is required to ensure foot orthotics are covered by your individual insurance plan.
    • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Gua Sha) - Office Visit $25
      "Myofascial" (aka soft tissue) work for chronic pain and inflammation.  Scar tissue and adhesions found both beneath the skin (fascia) and within muscles and ligaments are released.  This service quickly treats new or old injuries, overworked muscles, trigger points, surgery scars, post-surgery inflammation, etc.  This service is not normally covered by insurance.
    • Sports Kinesiology Taping $20
      Sports kinesiology taping has been shown to promote recovery time frames and relieve pain and swelling to the affected area(s).  Tape may remain on the body for up to 1 week.  Insurance companies do not normally cover this service.
    • Basic Physical Exam (Sports, Student, etc.) $75
      Basic physical exam (for sports and/or students) required by your school district for participation in team sports, marching band, etc.  Please bring your school district's form needing a doctor's signature with you to the appointment.  This service may be simultaneously performed with a new chiropractic exam, which may be covered by your insurance company.
    • Foot Orthotics Pickup / Fitting Free
      Please allow at least 1 week from your scan date for your customized foot orthotics to be manufactured and shipped back to our office.

    You may have one or more stubborn health conditions.  You have visited many doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but the results weren't what you hoped or expected.  Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.  As a patient you will receive an individualized nutrition program based on the results of your analysis.  The program will match the exact needs of your body through diet and nutritional supplementation. Each case is handled on an individualized basis.  The majority of patients who adhere to their programs have reported noticing positive changes within the first 4 to 6 weeks (some longer, some sooner).  
    • NRT - NEW PATIENT EXAM (1st visit) $120
      An initial physical exam and medical history overview which includes a body fat and Heart Rate Variability (HRT) analysis allowing us to statistically view your overall health on a chart.  Also includes a Nutrition Response Testing full body scan to properly assess each of your neurological reflexes (organs, glands, joints, muscles, etc.).  These findings are analyzed and presented at the 2nd Review of Findings visit.    
    • NRT - Review of Findings (2nd visit) $30
      This visit includes a report identifying your individual health assessment based on heart rate variability test, body fat analysis and findings from the first exam.  We will determine if you are a Nutrition Response Testing case.  If you are not, it is unlikely Nutrition Response Testing will help you. However, if you are a Nutrition Response Testing case, it is our belief that nothing else will help you as much.
    • NRT - OFFICE VISIT $30
      While you are on your individually designed clinical nutrition program, you will continue on your health recovery process.  We will continue to monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed when additional layers are revealed.  These procedures will assist you in attaining the maximum possible health benefits and have the real underlying health issues handled.